About kim landy

I am a Melbourne (Naarm) based photographer & producer that combines my love for photojournalism and travel.

Working closely with socially conscious brands and organisations, through storytelling, I enhance their visual communications, leading to richer storytelling and greater community engagement.

I know how busy organising a campaign is, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

I capture the little moments – the dimple in your co-workers cheek. The freckle on the models eyebrow.

The way they smile after pulling off a parallel park.

It’s the little things – those little moments – that tell the biggest tales.

I see my style as an extension of my personality; natural, carefree, fun - with just a hint of cheek.

I love photography like a pirate loves a parrot. Like chop suey loves Worcestershire sauce, like… well, let’s just say I like it a lot.  

But, in all seriousness, I know how important my role is and I know these images will be with you until you’re old and grey and sipping tea from a rocking chair with a cat purring at your feet.  

All of my experience and skill goes into every photoshoot I do and I take pride in every shot.


Enquiries: hello@kimlandy.com
Instagram: kim.landy


Tourism Australia
The Australian Olympic Committee
Visit Victoria
Getty Images
The Guardian Australia
The Royal Womens Hospital
Hip V. Hype
The University of Melbourne
Wesley Mission
The Aftershock
National Gallery of Victoria
Carlisle Homes
Beyond Blue
The Salvation Army