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Thankyou Co.
Thankyou Co. is a social enterprise that practises trust-based philanthropy, funding impactful partners to help build a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty. I’m lucky that I can utilise my skills as a photographer to bear witness to these significant moments and in some way, influence my own community to make better choices.
Thankyou Co.
I've have been a freelance photographer with Thankyou. group since 2014. Thankyou co.'s mission is to amplify impactful change, to better serve people living in extreme poverty, by redistributing wealth from consumer spending.
Together we've travelled around the globe to countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, India, and Nepal, documenting people and stories of communities.
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It’s not easy to make the transition from beautiful, safe Melbourne to witnessing extreme poverty in the most remote communities in the world. Working with Thankyou has given me the opportunity to work alongside passionate, world-changers who exhibit true resilience and strength and who are committed to transforming the lives of people in poverty through clean water, sanitation and hygiene education. My first trip overseas with Thankyou was to Assam, India. I hit the ground running as a volunteer photographer and was beyond stoked to be travelling and shooting for a cause I cared so much about. Most of my colleagues would say that I was living the dream and I completely agree. Eight trips later and having visited some of the most remote parts of the world such as Nepal, Africa, India and Zimbabwe. Over the course of three days, we spent time with a range of communities to discuss and document the advantages of having access to clean water and the learnings that have come from health and hygiene training. These seemingly small adjustments to hygiene practices (such as always washing their hands before eating) have led to life-changing outcomes — not only in health, but socially and environmentally. Children can attend school consistently without sickness, and women and men can pursue their livelihoods and work towards a better future thanks to financial independence. Water is able to be filtered straight from the pump, rather than being purchased in a plastic bottle, leading to less waste in these remote areas.

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